If you enjoy Colorful Jewelry, you'll love Joanna Gollberg's designer jewelry
Joanna Gollberg offers fashionable jewelry designed for effortless style. Each distinct collection features sterling silver paired with colorful gemstones. Each line includes a variety of necklaces, bracelets, pendants, earrings, and rings to fit all occasions. Joanna Gollberg also creates one-of-a-kind and custom pieces, working with clients to turn their jewelry ideas into wearable reality. You can now find all of joanna's work at Mora, a new designer jewelry boutique in downtown Asheville, NC.

Joanna Gollberg's handcrafted designer jewelry is beloved by clothes-conscious, independent, and spirited women who know  that jewelry can make a statement. Our customers treasure unique objects of excellent design and meticulous craftsmanship. They also value the drama of a pop of color or the witty use of an exaggerated prong.

Joanna Gollberg carries original jewelry designs meant to enrich your life and enhance your style every day. We have graceful amethyst earrings as well as your new favorite peridot pendant. We have the perfect statement bracelet to accessorize your simple black dress. Joanna Gollberg offers jewelry in many shape, style, and color options.

Joanna Gollberg is committed to creating exceptional designer art jewelry, and we honor a lifetime guarantee with each purchase. We are happy to size our jewelry to fit you perfectly, and we welcome the opportunity to work with you on specific color choices. Our core values include excellent personal service, reliability, and promptness. We work with integrity.

We strive to be kind to the environment and use recycled precious metal as much as possible. Our gemstones are purchased from reputable companies who fairly source their material. A portion of our packaging is made from post consumer waste. We work with local companies as often as possible to keep our community strong and growing. Joanna Gollberg Jewelry has made a commitment to the wider community by donating to different charities every year, donating jewelry to charity auctions, and by funding a scholarship for aspiring women jewelry designers through the Women's Jewelry Association.

Joanna Gollberg's colorful jewelry is artfully designed and created with love. Wearing it is a unique experience, one that constantly reminds you that you are a woman with good taste. You'll feel proud of your jewelry selection, and others will notice your style, too.
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Joanna Gollberg is a Handscrafted Designer Jewelry artist

Handcrafted Designer Jewelry by Joanna Gollberg

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